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Organizational Leadership in the Social Sector is a Course

Organizational Leadership in the Social Sector

Ended Jun 4, 2019
3 credits

Full course description

Spring Quarter 2019 [Apr 8 - Jun 3, 2019]

Organizational Leadership in the Social Sector – Instructor (TBA)

  • Students will be introduced to: (a) major theories that help explain organizational theories, behaviors and leadership practices; and (b) organization development, a process for enhancing organizational and personal effectiveness through the use of value-based intervention practices that stem from the social and behavioral sciences. 
  • This course focuses on leadership for organization development and change; emphasizing responsiveness to varying needs of diverse communities and organizations and the creation of unique solutions to problems.
    • Earn three graduate credits.


Following their participation in the course, students will be able to:

1.    Take ideas from organizational theory and apply them to their own leadership styles and practices. 
2.    Analyze and describe social problems from a social justice perspective that acknowledges the efficacy of affected individuals and populations, and exposes root causes of the issue 
3.    Apply a social justice approach to nonprofit work by learning how to: 

         a. Communicate social change efforts 
         b. Marshal resources to affect change 
         c. Identify ways of achieving impacts beyond specific organizational goals 

4.    Identify how scarce resources can be most effectively used to meet multiple goals simultaneously


Meeting Topics & Schedule - Hybrid


Required Texts

All course materials will be accessible through the Canvas.