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Mindfulness Skills: Science and Practice 20RQ is a Course

Mindfulness Skills: Science and Practice 20RQ

2.0 credits

$550 Enroll

Full course description

Course Overview

The course will address some of the historical, cultural, and spiritual traditions related to mindfulness practices throughout the world, but will focus on the ways that specific mindfulness skills are currently implemented in educational, psychological, and medical contexts. We will address developmental, cognitive, emotional, neurological, and relational processes linked with mindfulness practice. Participants will consider past research, practice a range of scientifically supported mindfulness skills, and investigate their own hypotheses about mindfulness.

Course Dates: 6/22/20 ~ 8/31/20

Key Outcomes

  • Describe at least five specific mindfulness practices
  • Identify special considerations for implementing mindfulness skills in educational settings
  • Discuss scientific research supporting mindfulness-based interventions
  • Apply specific mindfulness techniques to different situations and challenges
  • Practice at least ten different mindfulness and self-compassion skills
  • Select at least three mindfulness skills that resonate most strongly with current goals and difficulties
  • Plan a personalized mindfulness program to prevent burnout and to enhance well-being