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Developing the Must‐haves of Marketing & Communications is a Course

Developing the Must‐haves of Marketing & Communications

Ended Mar 17, 2020
1 credit

Full course description

Course Overview

For some, the connection between marketing and ministry may at first feel awkward. Surrounded as we are by a relentless (and sometimes sneaky) barrage of commercial attempts to influence our choices, some may feel uncomfortable promoting ministry and mission in an intentional and calibrated manner. But ministry thrives or dies in its culture — and for far too long, we've avoided change. We've relied on a traditional claim to priority in individual and public consciousness, expecting to be forgiven our unwillingness to adapt. We're hoping people will be drawn by our message, but we haven't questioned whether we're even speaking their language.

Enter marketing. Our course has been designed to equip pastors and other not-for-profit professionals with the fundamental language, techniques, tactics and workflows of marketing and communications. In creating activities and assignments, your course development team has focused on the practical: what will be useful to you this week? in your present setting? in the settings you enter across your career?

You'll use your own professional setting as case study, moving from analysis to implementation to evaluation. We'll explore the key elements of branding, audience and value proposition; then learn how to use those elements to craft a plan to refine your message and broaden your reach.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will have created —

  1. An analysis of your setting's current situation and evidence for making a case for change
  2. A manageable plan for reaching both your existing community and a broader audience
  3. A set of resources for implementation, ongoing evaluation and refinement of your outreach strategy


Weekly Topics

Week 1: BRANDING Part I: Making That First Impression

Week 2: TARGET AUDIENCE Part I: Aligning Your Brand & Audiences

Week 3: BRANDING Part II: Building a Community Brand

Week 4: TARGET AUDIENCE Part II: From Target to Tactic

Week 5: COMMUNICATIONS Part I: Communicate Strategically

Week 6: COMMUNICATIONS Part II: Policies, Guidelines & More

Week 7: MEASURING & EVALUATING: Creating Metrics, Setting Goals

Week 8: CAPSTONE: Crafting Your Marketing & Communications Plan


Time Commitment

Students can expect 4-6 hours a week dedicated to engaging in course material, assignments and activities.  Please note, students who are new to online learning and who are developing their tech savvy can expect to invest up to an additional hour a week as they learn to navigate the online course platform (Canvas Catalog) and the relevant tools used in each week’s modules.


Required Texts

  1. Articles, found online (linked via Canvas Course pages)
  2. Videos, found online (linked via Canvas Course pages)
  3. Canvas course content pages

Additional Requirements (pre-requisites)

Talking Faith and Money is highly recommended to be taken prior to other courses in this course series.

For additional information, please contact: